The Journey Begins July 2015

Thanks for joining us!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

For us the journey began July 2015, me (Jeff) at the age of 43 and Terri at….well I better leave that blank if I want ot keep blogging….she’s younger than me, I’ll leave it at that. What had we accomplished, we had been married for 20 years, we had built our dream home with our own 2 hands and major physical help from family and friends. We were 8 years into our Landscape Constrution company and doing very well. We had found the comfort zone…or so we thought. In reality, we were working…a lot…7 days a week 3 seasons out of the year and then hoping for weather to work in our favour during the winter.

We had decided early on in our marriage that we weren’t going the kids route, we enjoyed each other and wanted to travel the world together. But here we were 20 years later and the existance of most of our travelling was back and forth to job sites. We needed to get back to the road we started on 20 years ago but we had created a business that now owned us. The time demands just kept growing and travel wasn’t even on the back burner…it was in the freezer. We needed a way to buy back our time but what to do that wouldn’t require more time that we didn’t have?

That’s when the Country band Rascal Flats came to our rescue. And a chance converstion while tailgating in the parking lot before the show. An opportunity presented itself, one that seemed to be what we had talked about in converstions leading up to this day. Of dreaming on how we could get back on our road again, how we could possibly do it, create it and live it. Now to see what it was and if it was real and could we do it…..